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Cherish Thakur Ji childhood with Laddu Gopal toys. 

Laddu Gopal Toys are the tiny miniatures of real toys. As we all know how naughty Bal Gopal was in his childhood. And he loves to play with his friends for the whole day. So we brought an amazing Krishna Toy collection for you Naughty Kanha. Kanha Ji will love these toys as we have designed them, especially for Laddu Gopal with love.

Laddu Gopal’s childhood sweet stories are adorable. As time has evolved the Laddu Gopal toys designs have also changed. During his childhood, Lord Krishna loves to play with his beloved friends. From stealing  Makkhan to teasing Gopiya of the village Lord Krishna enjoyed his childhood to its fullest. It’s time to cherish the childhood memories of Thakur Ji with Laddu Gopal Khilone. You can also use these toys as your Mandir Decoration items. 

Gift your Bal Gopal with Kanha Ji Toys

We do not need any occasion to gift Bal Gopal Ji with Kanha Ji Toys. You will fall in love with our Laddu Gopal Khilone collection. Buy more and save big on our playful toys and others accessories. Order online and we will reach you soon. We give good reasons to our customers to shop again Krishna Toys.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest Kanha Ji Toys


Very lovely golden Badminton set with a ball looks adorable. Though Badminton is a modern game,  but Laddu Gopal will love this it.  

2. Kite 

A pretty golden kite decorated with silver flowers and beads. The tradition to fly Kites in India is very old and people love this game. You will get the best Kanah kite toys only at Mandir Decor. 

3.Mobile phone 

Artificial Mobile set for Bal Gopal is a new and modern toy. Well designed and decorated mobile set can also be used as a pooja decorative item. Gift your Bal Gopal this latest Mobile set and make him happy. 

4. Animal miniature toys 

Animal toys for Krishna are designed for Laddu Gopal as he was an animal lover. Thakur Ji will love the miniature of a cow, horse, elephant, and other animals. 

5. Hockey

A pair of the hockey stick and a ball looks adorable. Its a perfect for your Bal Gopal.

Your search for Thakur Ji khilones ends here

You can discover a huge variety of Thakur Ji khilone from Mandir Decor. Once you will shop with us then you will shop again and again from our online store. We love to spread happiness and pleasure with our spiritual products.

Our beautiful colourful Kanha Toys can also be used as Home decorative and Puja Ghar decorative items. You can also gift this Devotional khilone to a Krishna Devotee. So, book your order now. You can use our discount code and get a flat 20% Off on all spiritual products.  Time to make little Kanha happy with our delightful toys collection. It’s the best way to make Bal Gopal happy and we know you find ways to make our almighty happy.