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Celebrate the true authenticity of Laddu Gopal Pagdi with Mandir Decor

Traditional Indian Paghdi shows the real authenticity of India. Mandir Decor presents the unique collection of Laddu Gopal Pagdi. The charming and colourful Kanha Ji turban will give a royal look to Thakur Ji. Because it’s the prestige of our all mighty we can compromise with its quality. So, before you buy visit our online store once and do a research. 

The pagdi in India is also known by the other names like- Safa, Turban, page, etc. However, the names are different, but its use is the same.

In India, there are many beliefs and faiths related to Pagdi, Turba, Safa. It is a head ornament of men, and they wear it to protect their head from the sun’s heat. There are several other beliefs related to turbans and vary from religion to religion.

Laddu Gopal turban is the esteem and respect of Lord Krishna. We honour Thakur Ji by making him wear this Krishna Turban. In India, we wear Pagri for ages as it is our prestige. But every state has its style of wearing a Pagdi. And we make Kanha wear these traditional Pagdi as per our culture.  

Types of Kanha ji ki Pagdi

Different styles of Pagdi can give Laddu Gopal a different look because India is a land of various cultures and traditions. We design a variety of traditional Thakur Ji Turban. So, Here is a list of some famous Styles of Pagdi for Laddu Gopal. Every state has its rituals and style of wearing a pagdi. 

Mewari Pagdi – 

Marwari pagdi are very colourful and are used together with traditional jewellery for Laddu Gopal. That’s why you can choose this ethnic Mewari Pagdi to give a traditional look to your Bal Gopal. People of Mewad wear the Mewari Pagdi. 

Peshwai Pagdi – 

It is around pagdi with a conical shape in the centre. Laddu Gopal will look extremely cute in this pagdi style. The embroidery is done with golden lace. Peshawar pagdi Generally worn by people of Peshawar.

Leheriya Pagdi – 

Traditional leheriya pagdi for Bal Gopal comes in a variety of colours and shades. The leheriya pagdi are known for their beautiful vibrant colours and designs. Generally worn by the people of Rajasthan and Gujrat.

Rajasthani Pagdi- 

The floral print on the safa of Laddoo Gopal will give a beautiful look to Thakur Ji. Rajasthani Pagdi are worn in Rajasthan, but it is famous all around in India. 

Gujrati Pagdi- 

The Gujrati Pagdi are generally colourful and are decorated with beads and stones. Krishna will look completely different in the Gujarati Pagdi.

Shop Kanha Pagri online from Mandir Decor

We are selling different varieties of Laddu Gopal Turban for Kanha. Starting from simple daily use of Pagri to highly decorated Paghdi for the festive season. Esteemed Thakur Ji Turban is designed with lots of love by our designers. And you can also pair these Beautiful pieces with designer Kanha dresses. 

So Experience the best online shopping for your Laddu Gopal with Mandir Decor. You can also shop other spiritual products for your office/home temple decor shop. And glorify your Kanah’s look with our new and trendy collection of Kanha Pagri.