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Laddu Gopal statue looks so incomplete without Krishna bansuri.  He chose Bansuri as his musical instrument. It seems as if his hands are made to hold his magical Laddu Gopal flute. And his lips are made to play bansuri. You must have heard the stories of how Gopiya get attracted to the sound of Krishna flute. Whenever Laddu Gopal used to play his flute villagers get manifest with the magical sound of his flute. The sound of his flute was so melodious and powerful that it spread a positive environment and energy all around. Not only human but animals also loved the sound of his melodious Krishna bansuri

Do you know the story of the first Laddu Gopal bansuri?

One day Lord Krishna went searching for a good bamboo stick to make his flute. He picked one bamboo sticks which were not as tall as other bamboo sticks. Because of this reason, nobody was using that stick. But he used that stick, and he constructed his magical Laddu Gopal bansuri

And when he played his bansuri Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva got mesmerized. From that day Bansuri became his main weapon. And he used to win the hearts with his Weapon.

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Decorative Designer Krishna Flutes spotted with colored stones work, for Bal Gopal looks absolutely stunning. You get a variety of metallic Laddu Gopal Bansuri to Decorate your Ladoo Gopal ji. We design Attractive Kanha flutes which are Durable, highly finished and Stunning. These flutes are Perfect for Gifting to a Krishna devotee and perfect for Self use also.

Beautiful Bansuri For Laddu Gopal will make you fall in love with it. As Laddu Gopal Loves to keep his flute with him always so, never keep a Krishna statue without a Bansuri. And This is the reason why we never see the Laddu Gopal Statue without a Fute. Our flute collection comes with colourful gemstones, which makes it even more beautiful. Just like the flute is decorated, the heart of a person also gets filled with the love for his almighty. 

Belifes Realted to Kanha Bansuri

There are many believes related to Kanha Bnasuri.  Some people beliefs that It helps to remain focused through out the day. Its also a belief that Flute was very much close to Laddu Gopal. And keeping a Thakur Ji statue with flute in home can bring positivity in home. You can also hang a pair of flutes on the walls and at the door of your Home Temple. You can also decorate your bedroom wall with Laddu Gopal Bansuri. According to vastu shastra it will help you to build a strong bond between you and your partner.