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Shop Laddu Gopal Accessories 

Decorate Lord Krishna statue with beautiful Laddu Gopal accessories.  The marvelous tiny miniature of Laddu Gopal seems to be incomplete without these Bhagwan ke sajawat items.  

Since his childhood, Lord Krishna used to wear these God accessories. Beautiful Pagdi for his esteem, and a kalangi on it. Cute little footwears for  Bal Gopal. And of course, how can we forget his flute and his hands are incomplete without his magical flute.

With that, we have a playful collection of Laddu Gopal toys for his enjoyment. Mandir decor takes care of all your spiritual requirements.  You will get a huge variety of items used for decorating God idols.

When it comes to comforting your Laddu Gopal we know you will not compromise with the quality. so we design special bed sets.  We use high-quality material in order to provide ease to Lord Krishna. 

Things you will get in Laddu Gopal accessories 

Once you bring the Laddu Gopal statue the next step is to shop for Laddu Gopal  accessories.  As we treat the little corner as our own little child so we arrange all the necessity Items.  So,  lets take a look on the types of accessories you can shop for Bal Gopal. 

Krishna Flute

We all know how important Krishna flute is for Laddu Gopal. The Krishna flute brings all the people and the devotees together. The gopis leave all their work  get attracted towards the melodious sound of his flute. And Krishna statue look so incomplete without his magical flute.  At Mandir decor you will find the beautiful collection of Krishna bansuri which you can shop for your Bal Gopal. 

Thakur Ji pagdi

Pagdi is an auspicious traditional attire of India. The people wear and it symbolise the respect.  And in Indian culture wee keep our God at the most respectable place. And we make our God wear Pagdi as it is a symbol of respect and Honour.


Kalangi is used to adore the Pagdi.  At Monday Dekho you will get a variety of beautiful kalangi which you can use to decorate Laddu Gopal Pagdi.

Laddu Gopal ke khilone – 

From the childhood Tales of Laddu Gopal we came to know that he was very notorious And mysterious  in his childhood. So let’s cherish his childhood memories one more time with these playful  Bal Gopal toys.  From Modern technology toys to the old fashioned toys you will get a huge variety of Laddu Gopal Khilona at Mandir decor. 

 Shoes for Laddu Gopal

Cute little Laddu Gopal shoes will make you fall in love with Mandal decor shoe collection for Laddu Gopal.  we have beautiful footwears collection for radharani also.  so do visit our online store and shop the adorable and the trendiest collection of Laddu Gopal accessories.

Laddu Gopal Bed Set

When you show up a bed for Laddu Gopal then you will need a good quality bed set.  At Mandir decor you  will get a super soft bed set to ease Laddu Gopal. In a bed set you will get a pair of pillows and a bedsheet.