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Krishna Statue For your Pooja Ghar

Beautiful Krishna Statues for the Krishna lovers.  You will find Krishna devotees not only in India but all around the world. The magnificent and magical stories of Lord Krishna have attracted thousands of Followers. People worship him by calling different names and each name has a different meaning. We have designed these Krishna idols for you devotees only. They are made with brass and Ashtadhatu.  

Enhance the glory of your home Temple with Laddu Gopal Idol. The deity always listens two his devotees and always brings happiness. If you are a by heart Krishna lover then you must know how you can keep him happy. From all his likes to his dislikes you should keep everything in your mind.  

In Hindu tradition, we decorate God’s statues with beautiful God dresses. But when it comes to decorating the Krishna statue, Laddu Gopal Dresses is not enough.  We decorate Laddu Gopal Murti with his magical Krishna Bansuri, Mukut, Necklace, and other accessories.  

Shop Bal Gopal Murti with Mandir decor and make a strong bond with your beloved Lord Krishna.

Complete your home temple with Laddu Gopal Idol

Krishna is the beloved and a major deity in Hinduism. He is the symbol of protection, wealth, prosperity, compassion, tenderness and love. Laddu Gopal idols are set to bring good luck and happiness to a home. Few people bring The Idol of Lord Krishna as they worship these idols. And some people bring this beautiful Laddu Goapl murti to decorate their home. 

Your home Temple complaints when you bring Bal Gopal Idol into it.  You will get I huge variety In laddoo Gopal Murti. In fact different type of of God idols have different prospective. At Mandir decor you will get different type of Krishna Muti. So visit us and check out our devotional collection and shop at the lowest price.


The best direction to place the statue of Krishna

We should know where to place a Thakur Ji statue as the direction and position matter a lot and brain positivity in the home. So it is very important to know the right place and the direction where the Statue of Kanha must be placed.  So the best place is the North-East corner of your house.  Make sure the statue is facing east to west or west to east direction. Avoid North and south directions. 

And one more major point is that we should not keep Laddu Goapl Murti or any other God Idol near a bathroom or a bedroom. 

And it is also said that light on the Krishna Murti must fall from the southeast direction.  As the light attracts positivity and happiness in the home. 

Never keep a statue of Lord Krishna or any other God Idol on the floor directly. Instead, always keep a chowki or a singhasan and then place your God statue on it.  If you want to hang a poster or an Idol on the wall, always Choose the east or the Northside of the house of idolizing. 

Hope it will help you in bringing the best possible outcomes.