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Shop Ashtadhatu & Brass God Idols Online in India

Ashtadhatu & Brass God idols:-  God Statue is the crucial part of our home temple. In Indian Hindu society, we have a completely different way to worship. Our beliefs are totally different from others. We keep the God Idols in the temple and offer bhog the food for our god flowers to please, incense-stick to create a charming aroma and cleanses the air. These are some of the rituals which we follow on a daily basis. We try to keep our deity happy and create a positive environment at home. 

If our God is happy with us then he will help us to remain in the path of truth and one will reach heaven after death. 

There are several other beliefs related to Bhagwan Ji ki murti which vary from religion to religion. 

People not only from India but all over the world worship Lord idols.  They keep Ashtadhatu God statue in their home temples and worship with full faith. They decorate the statue with beautiful God dresses, God Jewellery, and other Shingar items.

Bhagwan Ji Ki Murti for you home temple

Bhagwan Ji Ki Murti is not just a decorative piece for a home Temple but it is a soul of a home Temple. It spreads a devotional environment in the home. The main purpose of the Mandir decor is to keep you attached to your deity. 

Hinduism is a religion with so many Gods and Goddesses. We design different Bhagwan ki Murtis for different Gods and Goddesses.  And we place these God idols in our temples. We believe that once we start worshiping these God statues their statues turn into living deities. And these god statues brings happiness and peace in the house.  Its a belief that these bhagwan ki murti spread enormous positivity and strength. We take blessings every day from these god idols

Shop God Statue at affordable price

You can shop God statue from Mandir decor at the Affordable price. Visit our online store and you will get great options in in Ashta dhaatu God statues and brass God statues. These statues are considered as the most powerful statues with the super powers. 

Why we worship God statues

Idols are an essential part of divine progress, setting them in our hearts permanently. Every god has its own shape and character. When we worship god we need to focus and we need to imagine and concentrate, so for that we need a god statue

Wen we close our eyes we imagine the statues. Engrossment turn natural when one has natural love for a topic. But this is not all these God Murtis make a strong bond between devotees and god. Its a belief that these idols can listen, feel and see their devotees. So thats why we treat these idols as the real deities. 

And most importantly these beautiful God statues beautify  the home Temple. And some people give it as a gift to their love ones. You can shop it from our Store and we wish the statues will take away all your sufferings and pain from your life.