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Spiritual Laddu Gopal Jhula for your Home Temple

Whenever we talk about Laddu Gopal Jhula the picture of Radha-Krishna comes to mind. Krishna has so many childhood memories related to Jhula.  Radha Krishna and all the Gopi together enjoy these swing rides. They decorate the Jhula with flowers and make Radha Krishna sit on it.

We all have heard the many stories of Laddu Gopal Jhula, especially during the Savan season. Radha Krishna Jodi looks adorable while sitting on these Beautiful Radha Krishna Jhula. Sakhiyan used to decorate the Bal Gopal ka Palna with love and affection. And when Kanha Ji enjoys his ride on a swing sakhiyan shower flowers on him. And there are a lot more magnificent tales that connects us from the past childhood life of Thakur Ji. Today also we can nurture those lovable memories by bringing a miniature wooden Jhula for Thakur Ji.  And we can decorate Bal Gopal Jhula with flowers.  Then we will place a Radha-Krishna statue On it  and it will give them a swing ride. 

Shop online Kanha Ji ka Jhoola

Are you searching for a place from where you can shop Kanha Ji ka Jhula online?  Then we Mandir decor offers you a great variety of beautiful and amazing Thakur Ji ka Jhula. From a simple design to a well-decorated Jhula for Janmashtami, we give you a huge variety. Visit our website and Discover Laddu Gopal furniture like bad,  singhasan,  and other Laddu Gopal accessories. You can pair Thakur ji ka Palna with singhasan and bed.  it will give a  classic look to your home Temple.

It’s our pleasure that we are able to make a strong connection between devotees and Lord Krishna. And we love to make your shopping easy so shop now your Krishna Jhula.

You can also gift Thakur ji Jhula to your relatives and to your close friends.  If you will make Kanha ji Sit on the Jhula it’s a belief that it will attract positivity. Mandir decor provides a great variety of wooden and metal Julus for your karna.  The material which we used is good and high quality.  So it will last longer,  you don’t have to shop again and again for jhula.


Ways to Decorate Radha Krishna Jhula

If you want to decorate Radha Krishna Jhula then we have few good options for you.  You can decorate your Radha Krishna Jhula in so many ways.  As in this pandemic situation, you might not be getting fresh flowers from the market.  So no worries you can decorate Jhula with a dupatta, from an old piece of saree,  and with ribbons.  If you know the quilling art then you can make quilling flowers and other designs. You can also make a Toran of a paper flower or from the beads and pearls. If you are good at painting then you can paint the Jhula in different ways to give a complete new look.

And always remember one thing God never judge you on how how much you spend on him but he judges you on your effort.  Do your best and pray with heart as Laddu Gopal never leaves the hand of his devotees.

So Hurry up and book your Kanha Ji ka jhoola today. And start offering your prayers and rest leave it on him.