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Buy Laddu Gopal Furniture at the lowest shipping

We know how much you love your Kanha and you keep finding ways to keep him happy. From all his day-to-day activities to all his likes and dislikes we take care of each and everything. But, when it comes to  Laddu Gopal Furniture we know you will not compromise with the quality of the product as Bal Gopal Ji spend all day on these pieces of furniture and it is the essential part of the home temple decor or office temple decor. Furniture should be very comfortable and made from soft material to provide ease to your god.

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Mandirdecor presents a high-quality and extremely comfortable designer collection of laddu Gopal furniture including Laddu Gopal Singhasan, Bal Gopal temple, Kanha Ji Jhula, Thakur Ji bed. Shop a beautiful collection of Laddu Gopal furniture online with us and get 20% OFF on your first purchase.  You don’t worry about the quality as we sell quality products at the lowest price.

How to decorate Pooja Ghar with Laddu Gopal furniture?

The designer Laddu Gopal Furniture will change the aura of your home temple. These little miniatures of the furniture can also be used as home decoratives.

Buy Wooden Laddu Gopal Singhasan

Singhasan means a throne used by an honorable person like a king or queen. Lord Krishna was the king of the Mathura.

Singhasan is the pride and we honor our god by placing them on the royal chair.

Krishna Ji Singhasan 

Home temple beauty is incomplete without a Royal Singhasan. These beautiful miniatures of Singhasan for your Laddu Gopal glorify your temple. During the festival season, it’s a Hindu ritual to decorate the Singhasan with flowers in order to show our love and affection for Bal Gopal and make him happy.

Singhasan comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Mandir Decor presents a designer collection of Laddu Gopal Singhasan available in different sizes and colours. We provide you with a huge variety of designs so that you can pick the best suitable for your temple.

Home & Office Temple

Temple or a mandir is a god’s home and it should be a part of your home. A home without a temple is like a body without a soul. Temple brings peace, happiness, joy, calmness, and a soothing environment at home.

In Hindu custom, we do not step out from our home in the morning without bowing our head in the temple or without taking blessings from our deity. So we know how important the home temple/mandir is.

Whether you live in a flat or in a bungalow a separate temple room or a temple corner is a must. Depending on your requirement you can purchase different sized temples.

Mandirdcor.com offers you a great variety of Laddu Gopal Temples online at an affordable price. Different sizes are available as per your need in beautiful colors to make your Bal Gopal happy.

Beautiful Bal Gopal mandir especially designed for Kanha Ji by our artisans is waiting for you. So shop with us and give us a chance to be a part of your home temple.

Laddu Gopal Bed

The cozy and comfy bed is an essential part of Laddu Gopal Furniture and can give enough relaxation to your Bal Gopal. Good sleep is equal to good spirit so a bed with extra gentleness and delicacy is something you must be looking for. We completely agree with you so keeping that in mind our creative artisans have specially designed some super soft royal beds for your Laddu Gopal.

At mandir decor, you will get an abundant amount of wooden Laddu Gopal Beds in various sizes, shapes, and in a huge variety of colors. In some of the sets, you will get a complete set of bed sheets and pillow covers with it. Hope you will be amazed at the new designs and patterns of the beds.

When it comes to the quality of Laddu Gopal Furniture you don’t have to worry about it as we believe in providing high-quality products at a minimal price. Check out the most elegant Laddu Gopal Beds and place your order without any delay.

Radhe Krishna Jhula

The love of Radha Krishna is ageless. From kids to adults all knew about their love story. You must have heard the Jhula tale of Radha Krishna. How friends (Sakhi) made a lovely flower Jhula on a Kadamba tree and how Kanha and Radharani sat on the same Jhula facing each other. Sakhi showered the flowers on them and offered aarti and sang tuneful songs.

According to Hindu custom we celebrate the swing festival in the memory of Radha-Krishna how they enjoyed joyful swinging especially in the month of August after the summer season and in the wait of monsoon season when peacocks dance in the forest.

In the memory of Radha-Krishna, mandir decor brings a beautiful collection of Laddu Gopal Jhula for your Radharani and Kanha. The different shapes and sizes of wooden Bal Gopal Jhula are of very good quality and will decorate your home temple.