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India is the land where Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, goddesses Durga and other gods and goddesses have taken birth. Its authenticity can not be expressed in words. The rich culture is famous all around the World. A land where mornings are packed with the enchanting sound of temple bells. The fragrance of instance strike spread its positivity and calmness. The only place where rivers are treated as a mother. 

A land where every day is a new day and celebrated as a festival. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different God.

Every state is famous for its one or another pilgrimage place. And devotees from the corners of India come with faith. And we brought Mandir Decor to make your bond with your god even more powerful. We are not selling the product but they are selling a token of love. As we know that we Indians start our day While remembering Our God. How busy we are but we never forget to bow our heads in front of our Almighty. 

Whether we live in a bungalow or a 2BHK flat we manage to find the most suitable place to keep our Home Temple.  And not that’s all we decorate our Home temples with spiritual products and items. We place a God statue on The Honorable and respectable chair called Singhasan. We praise our God and offer Puja and Aarti twice a day. When it comes to festivals we decorate our Pooja Ghar to its fullest.  And we decorate our god statues With beautiful God dresses,  mukut,  jewellery and other accessories and place them on specially Jhula. 

We have so many recognitions related to our festivals. For us, our God is more like a living deity.  From giving a regular bath to offering food we take care of all needs of our God.

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