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Mandir Decoration makes your Home temple even more beautiful.Mandir/ Pooja Ghar/ Home temple whatever name you use is the most sacred and pure portion of your home. Once you enter the Pooja room all your stress and worries just disappear as you connect yourself with the almighty. Pooja Room is not like other rooms. It is like a charger room where you can charge yourself with positivity.  

It is very important to decorate the Mandir at home. As we have a firm belief that our God is just listening to us and will solve all our problems. Believe it or not but Home temples hold some positive vibes which one can feel who have a faith in God. So, it really doesn’t matter how small or big your Puja Ghar is. Whether you have a separate Puja room or a puja corner all matter is your faith and belief in your God. 

In the markets a wide range of Temple decoration items are present so let’s take an idea. 

Accessories used for home mandir decoration

With the Mandir Decor accessories, it is possible to create a stunning Pooja Ghar without spending too much. Shopping for all the necessary Mandir Accessories is not enough but arranging them correctly is equally important. Your devotional items must match with the colour of the walls to give a calm atmosphere to make Pooja Room a perfect place for worship. So keep the wall colour in your mind before you shop for accessories for your Mandir. Without wasting any time let’s see at the most important elements required for your Home temple decor. 

Idols for Pooja Ghar:

 When it comes to pooja room accessories, how can we forget the God Idols? It is the first and the foremost Item that comes in the list of the Temple Decoration. God Statues are the souls of the Temples and temples are meaningless without it. When we place the statue in our home temple with our prayers we try to transfer the life into the statue. Thereafter these God Idols turn into the most divine part of our Mandir. 

When we sit in front of the God statue we feel as if we are able to communicate with our Almighty. And it gives a feeling that God is watching and hearing us. 

God Statues can be Metallic, Wooden can be made up of Ashtadhatu or marble. It is a belief that ashtadhatu God Statues are the most energetic statues. So you can shop as per the requirement and need.

Vastu Tip: Keep your idol in the northeast direction.  and make sure whenever you pray you should face north-east,  north or east direction. If you want to keep more than one God statue in your home Temple then make sure they should not face each other.  And they should not be placed in front of the door. And you should never keep a broken or chipped God Statue in your Puja Room. 

Singhasan for Pooja Ghar:

After purchasing the God Idol the next important Mandir Decor Accessories is God singhsan or Chowki. It is an honourable place where we place our almighty. 

 From simple to decorate, from light to heavy you will get a great variety in Singhasans also. 

Jhula for Pooja Ghar: The love to keep a God statue on beautiful Jhula sometimes.  During the festival times, we keep Bhagwan Ji ki Murti on this Julus and give our God a ride. 

Vastu Tip: Never keep the God Idol on the floor directly. Use a singhasan or a chowki and then place your idol statue on it. 

Lamps and Diyas for pooja Ghar: Lit a diya at the level of your Idol. Diya and lamps bring a charm to your Pooja Ghar. It’s a belief that the fire is a symbol of purity and it burns all the negativity. When we lit the diya the darkness flees away which also means that we are removing the darkness from our hearts. And we are all ready to see the brighter side of the world. With that, it also beautifies the Home Temple with its sparkling light. 

Vastu Tip : 

Diya must be placed on the right side of a person who is performing the puja. And remember the light of the Diya should be in front of God.

Bell for Pooja Ghar

Have you ever thought about why the Ringing Bell is a part of Puja?  The most popular reason behind ringing a bell is to give a signal to the almighty that we are beginning our worship.  The sound of the bell also gives the message to our soul and it helps to concentrate on our Puja.  And it also brings peace and calmness to Pooja. There is one more reason why we use it is that the sound of the bell chases away the evils from our home. 

Vastu Tip : 

The best produce a sweet and soft sound. Keep the bell on the left side of your home Temple and do not forget to worship it with flowers.  And always chant your mantras while ringing the bell.

Pooja Thali for Pooja Ghar: It is also very important to keep a decorative Pooja Thali at your puja gana.  You can keep flowers, Gangaajal, Aarti, Tilak, incense sticks and Prasad in this Puja thali. You will get a variety of well-decorated pooja thali in the market. As per Indian tradition, we use this decorated thali for different occasions. From Rakhi Pooja thali to Marriage Pooja thali from Ganesh Pooja Thali to Devi ji ki Pooja Thali. 

Asani for Pooja Ghar : 

If you love to spend time sitting in your Pooja Ghar then you must buy good Aasnis for your Mandir. You can also use carpets and cushions to give a comfy and cosy look to your Pooja Ghar.

Which is the best colour for Pooja Room decoration

We know that when you design your puja ghar you pay attention to and everything. Because we do not want to make our God upset at any cost. And we all know there is a science of energy behind colours. Colours play a major role in Vastu also. Keeping everything in mind we will suggest you top 5 colours which you can use for your pooja room decoration. 

 #Number 1 : Yellow colour for your pooja room 

Yellow colour is also considered as the holy colour. For centuries the yellow colour has been used as the sacred colour.  The colour of the sun is also yellow hence the yellow colour maximizes the energy of your pooja room. 

#Number 2: Orange colour for your pooja room 

The second most sacred colour is orange.  We see many Hindu monks wear Orange clothes as it is a symbol of power, energy and courage. Choose the lighter shades of orange for decorating your pooja Ghar S duck shapes that are loud and not attractive. 

#Number 3: White colour for your pooja room.

 white colour is the symbol of peace and calmness.  The white colour has its own aura and it gives a feeling of purity and cleanliness.  When you enter your Pooja room you will feel relaxed and positive. 

# Number 4: Green colour for your pooja room.

As we all know that the green is the symbol of nature and greenery.  The green colour attracts sufficient positive energy required for your home.

#Number 5: Golden colour for your pooja room.

Rich golden colour will give a purifying effect to your puja room. Golden colour will enhance the positive energy of your home.

Vastu Tip: According to the Vastu you should avoid the black colour.  As the black colour weakens the positivity and harms the energy of the Pooja room.  You should also avoid other dark shades in your pooja room for the same reasons. 

Why do we decorate our home, Temple?

We try to find peace from the outer world but we get our peace in our home temples. The reason is Our God.  

Pooja room is not like any other room of your home. It is the purest and the cleanest portion of your home. In this room, we keep the Almighty. And a well-decorated Pooja Ghar attracts more positivity and energy and will also make you almighty happy.  

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